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Political strings have never appealed to me that much. I could care less for whatever our ex Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, had to communicate to his people or voice over his concerns. It’s not because I didn’t like him as our PM, but simply because he lacked the dynamism which is required at the backdrop of running a country and never seemed a force strong enough to get us all glued to his appearances on the TV or any place which we know of. Nevertheless, we finally have someone, years after Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who has instilled among all of us, a feeling that India must be taken seriously at the world level.

Narendra Modi made certain that sincere protagonists not only chalk-talk constantly about fanatical patriotism, but they also make sure that it is heard by everybody around the globe. This, has been efficiently reflected upon through his visits in Japan and The U.S.A. So, I would like to harp upon his speech at The Madison Square Garden. For those who missed out on it, here’s a link to the same.

The speech was a masterpiece. No doubts about that. But what intrigued me was the line of reasoning that was put to dialogue, on Modi’s reception, by various news channels. According to them, there was an overflow of highly enthusiastic and inspired crowd outside Madison Square Garden to catch a glimpse of Modi and hear him inside. There were signs that people carried like “India Leads Humanity”, “Namaste Mangalyaan”, etc., to welcome him. All in all, what I could construe was that Modi’s visit was a big success because he was greeted like no other Indian. But, there were a few media reports which covered the event from a different angle.

Just like every coin has two sides, every news article has two stories to it. What we see mostly, is what the media wants us to believe. Here also, what it did not cover were the anti-Modi protests that were taking place in the vicinity. There was an aggregation of Sikh radicals who differed from the rest of the Modi supporters and demonstrated slogans for the government’s negligence towards the minorities and the 2002 bloodshed. Posters with writings such as “Wanted: Narendra Modi for crimes against humanity.”, too did not seem to capture the attention of many media reports.
Not everyone was impressed. Outside the arena, a small group of protesters held banners denouncing Mr. Modi, who was chief minister of Gujarat in 2002 when sectarian rioting racked the state. He could not get a visa to visit the United States for nearly 10 years because of accusations that he had done too little to stop the violence.

Rekha Malhotra, 43, a popular disc jockey who was among the protesters, said she had turned down passes that she had been offered to see Mr. Modi speak. “I said thanks but no thanks — I’ll be outside,” she explained.

Sherry Hundal, 46, said she had come from Denville, N.J., to raise her voice against the prime minister. “I’m glad to be on the right side of history,” she said.
-The New York Times

With all such details being neglected, I could find only half of the truth. I could learn of the anti-Modi protests only when I tried to dig deeper into the topic. What I am trying to put forth is an example of ‘demeaning journalism’. As the title of this post rightly points out that the views and opinions of the general masses have been MODI-fied as an outcome of such a drift in journalism which is bound and determined to destroy its self-regulatory image. Looking the other way is not going to remove the tag of unfair reporting from the Indian media.

At last, Modi succeeded in creating a sort of euphoria at Madison Square Garden! Having said that, there will always be Modi haters at every step. So, for now, What we all can be relieved about is that we finally have a leader who has given a blind eye to the vote bank and upheld the country’s growth as a priority. ‘Make in India‘, ‘Clean India‘, etc. are little-little steps towards happy days! (acche din.)


Hello people !

A post after a long time. Well, there are many reasons for not having been sticking around lately. I could go on and on stating all the philosophical, not-so-philosophical, educational, etc., reasons, but I won’t. It would take ages to recollect all that had happened all this while. But, that phase is over and I am free like a bird to write again!

After almost a year of constant juggling around and experiencing certain bumps here and there, I am back again with something new. I pondered a lot before could come up with something. And let me tell you that this required some serious efforts. Blogging never comes THAT easy, at least to me! It required some heavy-duty business. For instance, from modifying the appearance of my blog, to constantly going through all of my earlier posts, to reading and keeping a track of what is happening around.

At last, I am doing my bit of constructing a decent piece of writing for the next time!

See you soon !



I always have to dig deep to find out what “inspiration” truly is. I remember, in one of my English classes in school, we were categorically asked to write an article on “If All Gods Were Alive Today .” As a matter of fact that proved to be a Herculean task for each one of us. A hopeless silence hung over the class when the teacher seemed completely thick-skinned over our clinching arguments to refrain from the task at hand. So every one wrote a unembellished answer. When it was my turn to read my article out loud, he turned to me and asked, “Did that come from some sort of inspiration?” I had no answer. But, no one really knows where inspiration comes from? To speak of it, I think that it comes from varied sources and can bump into anyone in one way or another.

I don’t really identify with inspiration, but when it comes to me, I take joy in it like the first sips of water that goes in my mouth after a long run: that energizing time when I have a great amount of creative energy which rushes impulsively and I feel fresh again with everything appearing to be clear once more. A new wave flows through my body with confidence, strength and inspiration. It is said that the same thing never happens twice, but inspiration does!



It has been implied that on some occasions inspiration happens in the form of a fantasy or vision and sometimes as a consciousness or inner voice. I feel that at times, it can be outside influence too. Or perhaps, such aims that have been subconsciously saved somewhere in our minds. Sometimes, we are inspired by other people’s examples of boldness and diligence. Manifesting oneself to such ambitious accounts, like the ones related to carrying out a particular goal, is an effective source of inspiration. I think the ingredient is to keep oneself focused from these accounts.

My source of inspiration is mostly my diary which is centered around all the positives of my life- what am I good at, what more will I be able to do, etc. When I read about certain brave heroes of all time, of their courage or victory over their difficulties, or some inspirational quotes, they all leave a long lasting effect on my mood and help me keep myself inspired!


I leaf through a lot of law-related things or posts on the net. Almost entirely, they say identical things, as if they have set a rule, only with a different context of looking at things. To be successful as a lawyer and attain good outcome, a person needs to:

  1. Be exclusive.
  2. Be prepared all the time for anything.
  3. Know the limits.
  4. Write papers and research.
  5. Have good grades (A levels).
  6. Get a degree from a “top” university.
  7. Have “first-rated” internships in his/her CV at the end of 3/5 years.
  8. Most importantly, moot.
  9. Never give up.

I have been thinking, though, if there is one more thing which should be added to the never-ending list: luck. To progress, a lawyer needs to be fortunate, have a streak of luck

Ah, the whining! I can make out the blubber now: It has nothing to do with luck! Hitting it big is all concerning talent and hard work and building one’s reputation…

Right on. Valid. The possibilities are almost hundred-to-one to reason out the contrary. It’s difficult to think of success without those things, but I am still of the opinion that a run of luck has something meaningful to do with it, at best in certain instances.

And let me build up right away that neither am I pointing a finger at my imperfections as a law-student on my dearth of luck,  nor am I grumbling about others being more fortunate than me. I, for the most part, accuse  my imperfections on the fact that I am a IInd year law-student, trying to climb the ladder one-by-one, as I go after having let pass the last few years catching up on my field and living in a bubble of delusion that in the long run I’d end up doing well.

For the most part, I’ve been putting my efforts to do all the things mentioned in the points above. Life of easy street or rather progress hasn’t been imminent, but it relies upon how one sees it. To avoid going downhill at that last point (Point no. 9), I see progress in terms of just doing well for myself and climbing the ladder to success at a constant pace, without any hustle. I am not there still. But to live with it is what I can do best.

There are many instances where I personally know of people who have prevailed by sheer luck. I don’t want to write those instances here because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or question their “odd” predicament. I find it to be rather random.  But countless questions do drag my mind to think hard. I don’t know the answers to all of them, but they are suggestive of the fact that accidental luck or a “hit-or-miss” situation has some relation with the reason some people go ahead of others who are equally commendable, and sometimes way finer. And sometimes, they don’t even get acknowledged.

I don’t intend to give an impression of a gloomy soul or to come out with the only logic that its all by chance! Talent, ability, skill, willingness, hard work, etc., all help put a lawyer in a situation where the odds are better. But, to me it still appears that luck can be weighed equally as any of the above mentioned factors in a lawyer’s success.


As far as I know, very few of us would truly agree to it. No one should completely lean on luck. No one knows whether its good or bad. Perspective and hard work with a little luck is what I think matters!


If people say something rude or off-color, you have to take it with a grain of salt, because they don’t know you.  ~Chris Daughtry                                                                                                                                                                     

I always wondered that sometimes I need to chill out and do what I think is best. This thought was not a frequent visitor to my mind before I joined my college, but soon after its frequency became more frequent. I saw my self confidence walking away because all I was worried about was my reputation and not my character. I thought through the minds of many and kept my thinking mechanism on hold because all I started to care about was people. I was afraid of what they would say! I caught a glimpse of someone I barely recognized in the mirror. She was me. Not the real me or the whole me, but definitely a part of me. She’s the me so clearly on display during rush hour traffic. With time I realized that I should worry about my character and not my reputation because my character is who I am and my reputation is only what people think of me. This transition has helped me realized that I am happy with myself and know that I don’t have to change or be a certain way for people to like me anymore. Also, this transition has finally brought the real me or the whole me back to a part of me. For the first time in awhile the smile plastered on my face isn’t fake.

I know for a fact that as long as I continue to travel on a path that is my own, I will not always have many people to support me. The road to progress or a life of easy street can be forsaken at times, cluttered only with people to change my course. I may be judged, depreciated and even called a nincompoop. But who will I choose to live for? Wading through the lines by Robert Frost and attaining something out of it, I would take the road that’s less traveled on. Odds are I’ll gain so much more and still be able to walk the well trodden path. I am reminded of a saying: some people will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make with them. Wall or Bridge? Remember you are the architect of your life. Countless people throughout my life, with both good and not-so-good intentions , may want me to live in accordance with their guidance; but there is no substitute for experience.

You are your own person and ultimately the only one in charge of your own actions and feelings. Life is simply not fun if you are too worried about pleasing/ offending other people that you can’t even have a personality! Why live to please others? I mean its your life! If you are not happy with it, whats the use of living? Truth is, not everyone is going to like you anyway so why bother trying? There is a difference between maintaining your inner-self and making a “reputation” for yourself. No matter what people say, you are perfectly- created, exclusive, impressive, shinning light in this world. Let no one dim your light. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. Don’t care about what people say, do your own thing!


In the present day scenario, it is highly imperative that, in a world growing smaller by the minute, we stretch out to people and places around us. “Horizons need to be widened and gaps need to be bridged”.
In the modern day, this need has become even more so, since people have grown so further apart be it in the religious context, the political context, or anything in our day to day life.

Why is it that such a beautiful world which has been the inspiration of many a poets, has come down to being nothing more than a waste land? Why has man become so self centered and heartless? The walls that man himself has created between religions and communities have taken their toll in mankind.
Before we decide to build a wall between two houses, two territories or two countries, let us do some thinking. Let us ask ourselves as to what we are walling in and what we are locking out ! In what we hold as important to us as to limit it only to ourselves! Isn’t it a loss for us if we restrict ourselves to our immediate vicinity? We must remember that walls limit our access while bridges help us to reach out to other areas. Isn’t this the need of the hour?

So, let us, the younger generation, be more sensible and join hands to make this world a better place. Let us not allow the hatred and scorn to take any more unpleasant turns, than it has already done so far.

Let the sacrifices of our forefathers not go in vain. We must live up to their expectations and embrace all our fellow human beings so that there is harmony all around us. Let us stretch out our arms to others, to unite our world in one great sea of humanity.
Let us build bridges NOT walls!




I was often told when I was young that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and that there should be no word called ‘bored’ in my dictionary. It was at that age that I discovered the magical world of literature and the happiness bound the covers of an unopened book. Of course, like all other kids I started off by reading “The Three Little Pigs”; “Cinderella” and “Pinocchio” but that was only because they were the stereotypical books found in every pre-school and had cartoon associated with them. However, when I started reading the works of Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens and others, reading became an activity not for passing free time but an activity which enraptured me day in and day out.

The variety in literature ranges from poetry to biographies to travelogues, the list is endless, and I don’t stop at any one variety. Books are a means through which one travels through countries, cultures and to the limits of your own imagination.
Reading not only helps one to pass time but also increases ones vocabulary. It is often found that people who are avid readers are the ones who have a better command over their language and also have the power to write and express themselves. Literature has often been referred to as the “key to the enrichment of life and the invisible line which separates the masses from the classes”. It can be considered as a threshold to a whole new world of lives, characters, facts, mystery and much more.

While in today’s world one can turn to various recreational activities, reading often rules over my alternative choices for relaxation and enjoyment. Even though computers have taken over many aspects of life and the internet allows easy access to sites which allow you to read books, fiction excerpts and poetry online, however, this means does not compare in the slightest to the contentment one experiences while reading a book with actual pages and covers. Access to enjoyment and the enchantment of our knowledge rests in the book which is only an arms length away !


Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.                                                                                                                          ~ Tom Stoppard

I’ve spent the last couple of months coming out of the cocoon. With some initial efforts to flutter my wings, I decide to fly in an inspired sky. I am not as a matter of course on a fresh passage, I’m only carrying on a little deeper.

In the last few months I’ve perceived, its not that one course ends and another embarks on; its looped like an unbroken stream with many turning points. Like titles in a book, each page leads out to the next and each title points the way further in the vicinity of the event.

My next title hit me upon with down reaching adrenal burnout tagging along with other intricacies. In the former title of my life,  I got a picture that our struggles aren’t there to severe mental or physical pain, they blurt out a more completed individuality. If we let on these “adversities” to transform us positively, if we pay attention and gain from them, we bob up ahead. Being aware that something far more appealing than I’ve ever caught a glimpse of is somewhere in the distance, yet undesirable, ferries in relief and has welcomed each turning point to be skillful and smoother than the last.

In the last few years I have been able to love and accept myself more and more. I am not impeccable and out-of-this-world nor will I ever be, and even though I still happen to be a victim to this cooked up belief from time to time, I am letting go a bit more every day. At times it takes a powerful clasp to realize that you’re exhausted of holding on so firmly. Even though it feels recently that I have been determining my own expression, it’s actually been making progress for years. This blog is about plans to find, speak and hear my own inherent voice and living my own truth.

Here’s to a fresh start in a never ending journey to finding myself !